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Episode Title: Kill House
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Episode Title: Cloak
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Episode Title: Cyber Threat
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Dear Journal,

Even if it is for an op my dreams have come true. I am finally married to Kensi and I am loving it. :)

I think it is so cute how she tried to hide the fact that she can't bake at all.
Although she did love giving me a heart attack when I found the blood trail all over the floor and the music blaring throughout the house.

I have to admit that she is not an easy wife to be married to. She is blunt, unpredictable, feisty, but ultimately she is loyal, kind, and she has this cute little adorable side that she lets a certain small amount of people see.

It is going to suck big time when this op is over and we will no longer be married.


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Dear Journal,

I can't believe Hetty sent me to this hell that is Fun for All Traffic School. Sam and Kensi get to stay and work on the case while I am stuck here.

It was only my third offense. Sure the third one was so Sam and I could get to the Kings game, but if I remember correctly the first and second offense was because of a case.

I would much rather be doing everyone's paperwork then stuck here.
And it just got a whole lot worse because the instructor just put on the worst music I have ever heard.

And then after the worst afternoon I have ever had in my life I am finally free.
The thing that made up for being in that hell all day was the chase at the end of the night where we caught our suspect. The improvements Hetty made to the challenger was awesome.

It sucks that Hetty caught all of us before we could make it out the door. Then after everything that happened today I find out that I failed traffic school. I am never going to live this down in a million years. Although in my defense I was working a case.


G. Callen
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Disclaimer: I don't own anything related to NCIS LA.

"Uhh opps?"Deeks says as he stares at the picture with Hetty's face that Deeks shot in the forehead.

Behind him Hetty replies "Cheeky bastard."

He turns around and sees Kensi staring at Hetty who is standing there with her mouth hanging open. Wiping the smile off his face Deeks tries to explain his actions so he won't be in too much trouble. "I'm sorry Hetty. I didn't mean to shoot you."

"Mr. Deeks I am shocked. I'm afraid that I must fail you on this test and you may take this test again next week." With that said Hetty turns around and starts walking towards the door. Upon reaching the door she turns around and orders Deeks to show up at her office first thing in the morning for his training so that he can past the test next time.

Turning towards Kensi he asks "How much trouble do you think I will be in?"

Kensi just gives Deeks a smile and turns around to walk out of the room.

"Oh come on, it was an accident." Deeks yells after Kensi "I didn't mean it."

Walking into work the next morning Deeks looks around and seeing no sign of Hetty gives a sigh of relief. Sipping his coffee he heads to his desk and stops short at seeing the piles upon piles of paperwork on his desk. "What the heck is all this?" He mumbles under his breath.
"It's your job for today Mr. Deeks. Miss. Blye will be picking up evidence from the DC office today and Mr. Callen and Mr. Hanna will be working in the field today." Hetty says sneaking up on him. "Since everyone is busy that leaves you to finish the paperwork. Director Vance wants those reports given him by the end of the day." Turning to leave Hetty yells over her shoulder to Deeks "Better get started."

The thought "What just happened" floats around in his head as he stares at Hetty's retreating back. Reaching over and picking up the top file from the stack Deeks opens it up and glances at the title.


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